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The Kisan e-commerce is a proud subsidiary of the Devom Group, a renowned name in the agricultural industry with a longstanding commitment to innovation and excellence. As part of the Devom Group, The Kisan leverages the group’s expertise and resources to offer superior agricultural products and services to our valued customers.

Being a part of the Devom Group ensures that The Kisan e-commerce operates with the highest standards of integrity, quality, and customer satisfaction. Our association with Devom Group strengthens our ability to source and deliver genuine agricultural products directly from manufacturers, providing customers with reliable solutions that meet their needs.

The synergy between The Kisan e-commerce and the Devom Group represents a shared vision to transform and uplift the agricultural sector, empowering farmers and enthusiasts with access to premium products and services. With this strong foundation, we continue to innovate and expand our offerings, striving to set new benchmarks in the industry.


At The Kisan e-commerce, our mission is to empower farmers and agricultural enthusiasts by providing access to genuine, high-quality products sourced directly from manufacturers. We aim to simplify the procurement process and enhance the productivity of our customers through reliable and efficient e-commerce solutions. Our mission is rooted in our commitment to supporting the agricultural community and fostering sustainable growth in the sector.


Our vision at The Kisan e-commerce is to be a leading platform that revolutionizes the way agricultural products are accessed and distributed. We aspire to be the preferred partner for farmers, offering a comprehensive range of authentic products coupled with exceptional service. Through continuous innovation and strategic partnerships, we envision driving positive change in the agricultural ecosystem, contributing to increased efficiency, profitability, and sustainability for our stakeholders.

Join us at The Kisan e-commerce, backed by the trusted legacy of the Devom Group, as we redefine the future of agricultural e-commerce and deliver excellence with every transaction.

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