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RingBio On farm Bovine Blood Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit, cow blood pregnancy test kit, PAG test kit(10 Test Size Box)

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Washable Black Rubber Hand Gloves for multipupose use |16 Inches, Size: Medium

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Blue Curry Comb | Manual Grooming & Cleaning Brush for Cattles Hygiene & Health Everyday

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The cattle grooming brush is an essential tool for maintaining the health and comfort of your herd. Designed with durable materials and practical functionality, this brush ensures thorough grooming without causing discomfort to the animals.

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Key Features:-

Sturdy Bristles: The brush features strong, yet gentle bristles that effectively remove dirt, loose hair, and debris from the cattle’s coat.

Comfortable Handle: Ergonomically designed handle for a firm grip, ensuring ease of use during grooming sessions.

Promotes Circulation: Gentle brushing promotes blood circulation and distributes natural oils across the coat, enhancing overall coat health.

Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials to withstand daily use in various weather conditions.

Easy to Clean: The brush is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring hygienic grooming practices.


Benefits :-

Healthier Coat: Regular brushing stimulates the skin and hair follicles, promoting a healthier and shinier coat.

Bonding: Grooming sessions provide an opportunity for farmers to bond with their cattle, enhancing trust and welfare.

Reduced Stress: Proper grooming reduces discomfort from external parasites and helps prevent skin irritations.



Ideal for daily grooming routines in dairy farms, cattle ranches, and livestock facilities.


Product Specification:-

Usage/Application Grooming for Cattle
Color blue
Quantity Per Pack 1
Material Plastic
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