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Rapid Whole Blood Bovine Pregnancy Test Kit

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Shell (27mm) set 4Pc

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Long Liner 24-9

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The Long Liner 24-9, a high-performance fishing line designed to meet the demands of professional anglers and fishing enthusiasts alike. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, this specialized fishing line offers superior strength, resilience, and casting distance, providing anglers with the competitive edge they need to succeed in their fishing endeavors.

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  • Extended Length: The Long Liner 24-9 boasts an extended length of 24 yards (approximately 22 meters), providing ample line for long-distance casting and deep-water fishing applications. Its generous length allows anglers to reach distant fishing spots with ease, maximizing their fishing range and potential catch opportunities.
  • Optimized Diameter: With a diameter of 9 millimeters, this fishing line strikes the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. The optimized diameter ensures minimal line memory and maximum casting efficiency, enabling smooth and accurate casts with minimal effort.
  • High-Tensile Strength: Constructed from premium-quality materials, the Long Liner 24-9 offers exceptional tensile strength and abrasion resistance, capable of withstanding the rigors of challenging fishing conditions. Its rugged construction ensures reliable performance, even when targeting large or hard-fighting fish species.
  • Low Stretch Design: Featuring a low stretch formulation, this fishing line provides excellent sensitivity and responsiveness, allowing anglers to detect even the subtlest of bites and strikes. The low stretch design also facilitates quick hook sets, increasing the likelihood of successful hook-ups and landed fish.
  • Smooth Casting Performance: The Long Liner 24-9 features a smooth and supple texture that enhances casting distance and accuracy. Its friction-free surface reduces drag and friction against rod guides, facilitating effortless line flow during casting and retrieval.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for use with a variety of fishing techniques and tackle setups, including spinning reels, baitcasting reels, and conventional reels, this fishing line offers versatility to accommodate diverse fishing preferences and styles.
  • UV and Water Resistance: Engineered to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight and water, the Long Liner 24-9 exhibits excellent UV and water resistance. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance and reliability, even in harsh outdoor environments.
  • Color Options: Available in a range of color options, including high-visibility and low-visibility variants, this fishing line allows anglers to tailor their line selection to specific fishing conditions and preferences. Whether fishing in clear or murky waters, there’s a color option to suit every angler’s needs.
  • Knot Strength: The Long Liner 24-9 features superior knot strength, ensuring secure and reliable connections between the line and terminal tackle. Anglers can trust in the strength and integrity of their knots, even when battling powerful fish or fishing in challenging conditions.
  • Professional Grade Performance: Trusted by professional anglers and fishing guides worldwide, the Long Liner 24-9 delivers professional-grade performance and reliability, allowing anglers to fish with confidence and achieve outstanding results on the water.

Product Specification

Type Delmer Long Liner For Milking Machine
Rubber Liner mouthpiece type Round
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