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RingBio On farm Bovine Blood Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit, cow blood pregnancy test kit, PAG test kit(10 Test Size Box)

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Early diagnosis of pregnancy is of great importance in modern animal industry due to the high cost of feed and labor, as well as to realize the maximum life-time production of dairy cows. Especially after artificial insemination is widely used, the earlier the pregnancy is determined, the earlier feeding plans will be performed. Dairy cows need to become pregnant after insemination, carry the conceptus till term, deliver healthy calves and produce milk regularly in order to make dairy farming economically viable and profitable. The general methodology to determine bovine pregnancy is by observation or B-mode ultrasound scanners, either of which is not quite economic in small or middle size farms.

Gestation length ranges from 279 to 287 days. For most breeds, 283 days would be common. Cows carrying bull calves tend to have a slightly longer gestation compared to cows carrying heifer calves. To monitor the pregnancy status, pregnancy associated glycoproteins are widely used as marker protein.

The current bovine pregnancy rapid test kit utilizes the high affinity of monoclonal antibody against the pregnancy associated glycoproteins in bovine whole blood, plasma and serum, which can easily identify the concentration and presence of it. If the concentration is above certain number, the cow will be pregnant and if not, the cow will not be pregnant. Further measurements such as breeding, or AI shall be performed.

Key facts of the bovine pregnancy rapid test kit

  • Ready to use kits for farmers, truck drivers, etc
  • Non-incubation required
  • Result visible in 15min

Technical detailsof this bovine pregnancy rapid test kit

Product Code C20014 / 200014 / 200034 / 200044
Description Bovine Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit, Cow Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit
Unit Size 25 tests / 10 tests
Applications On farm testing of pregnancy in Whole blood, Plasma, Serum
Species Bovine, cattle, cow
Storage Store 2-30 oC in dry and dark place. Do not freeze. Avoid direct sunlight.
Sensitivity 98.3%
Specificity 99.5% or above, according to a latest internal validation compared with ultrasound scanners. On day 28, 32-34, 40 and later post AI, this kit can identify all open cows accurately.
Stability Up to 18 months when stored properly.

Application of the bovine pregnancy rapid test kit

This kit shall be used to test cattle whole blood, plasma and serum, which shall be collected within as early as 28days post AI. Milk sample has not been validated, if you need such applications, please feel free to contact us.

Bovine pregnancy rapid test kit components

  • Bovine Pregnancy Rapid Test Cards, 25tests
  • Plastic Pipette, 25 pcs
  • Sample buffer, 25 pcs
  • Disposable lancet, 25 pcs (optional)
  • Blood collection tube, 25 pcs (optional)


  1. Rapid Results:
    • Provides quick and accurate pregnancy status within minutes, allowing for timely decision-making in herd management.
  2. High Accuracy:
    • Utilizes advanced immunochromatographic techniques to ensure high sensitivity and specificity, minimizing false positives and negatives.
  3. Ease of Use:
    • Simple and straightforward procedure that can be performed on the farm without the need for specialized equipment or extensive training.
  4. Cost-Effective:
    • Reduces the need for more expensive and time-consuming diagnostic methods such as ultrasound or veterinary consultations.
  5. Early Detection:
    • Enables early detection of pregnancy, allowing for better planning and management of breeding programs.
  6. Non-Invasive:
    • Requires only a blood sample, making it less invasive and stressful for the animal compared to other pregnancy detection methods.
  7. Convenient:
    • Portable and easy to store, making it suitable for use in various farm settings.
  8. Improved Herd Management:
    • Helps in making informed decisions about breeding, nutrition, and overall herd health, leading to improved productivity and profitability.

How to Use:-

  • Sample Collection:
    • Collect a blood sample from the cow. This is typically done using a sterile needle and syringe, drawing blood from the jugular vein or tail vein.
    • Transfer the collected blood into a clean tube and allow it to clot. Centrifuge the sample to separate the serum if necessary, as the test is conducted on serum or plasma.
  • Test Preparation:
    • Ensure that the test kit and all components are at room temperature before use.
    • Open the test kit and lay out the test strip, dropper, and sample buffer provided in the kit.
  • Test Procedure:
    • Using the dropper, add a specified amount of the serum sample to the sample well on the test strip (usually 2-3 drops, as indicated in the kit instructions).
    • Add a specified amount of sample buffer to the same well (usually 2-3 drops).
    • Allow the test strip to develop for the time specified in the instructions (typically around 10 minutes).
  • Reading Results:
    • After the specified development time, read the results according to the kit instructions.
    • Positive Result: The presence of both a control line (C) and a test line (T) indicates that the cow is pregnant.
    • Negative Result: The presence of only the control line (C) indicates that the cow is not pregnant.
    • Invalid Result: If the control line (C) does not appear, the test is invalid and should be repeated with a new test strip.
  • Post-Test Handling:
    • Dispose of the used test strip and other materials according to biohazard waste protocols.
    • Record the results for future reference and herd management purposes.
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