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Short Milk Moulded SMT

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Air Distributor MW/ Gea

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Ultra Liner Wf Short

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The Ultra Liner WF Short is a specialized component of GEA milking machines, designed for efficient and gentle milking. Shorter than standard liners, it optimizes milking efficiency by reducing milk flow time. Made of food-grade silicone or rubber, it fits securely over the teat, creating a vacuum seal for milk extraction. Compatible with GEA teatcup assemblies, it offers flexibility to accommodate changes in teat size and shape.

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  1. Material: Typically made of food-grade silicone or rubber for hygiene and durability.
  2. Design: Shaped to fit securely over the teat and create a vacuum seal for milk extraction.
  3. Size: Specifically designed to be shorter than standard liners, reducing milk flow time and optimizing milking efficiency.
  4. Compatibility: Engineered to be compatible with GEA teatcup assemblies and milking equipment.
  5. Flexibility: Provides flexibility to adapt to changes in teat size and shape during milking.
  6. Durability: Resistant to wear and tear from repeated use and exposure to milking conditions.
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